How to choose jewelry for the bride for the wedding?


Congratulations on this truly grandiose and important event and on finding the one! We hope that you have decided on a wedding dress. Now it's time to pick up accessories. Although choosing wedding decorations may seem difficult, in reality it is not. In addition, the bride's jewelry and accessories make the bride's image unique and give it personality.
Tips on choosing jewelry for the bride

In this article, we will try to give you really necessary and important tips that will help you save time and choose jewelry for the bride for the wedding and create the most gorgeous image!
Find your comfort zone

You don't wear a wedding dress every day, but you are much more familiar with jewelry. You know what suits you and what you feel most confident in, so let it be the basis for your wedding image. If you wear earrings, it would be a great idea to wear wedding earrings for the bride on your wedding day.
Pay attention to the jewelry in which you feel most comfortable, and based on this, choose more “classic” jewelry. Don't you ever leave the house without wearing a pair of panties? Find a more classic version with several stones or a strict and sustained design. Do you like jewelry on your hand? Wear a shiny bracelet for the bride or even two, preferably of the same style. Another approach: Remember the outfits you've worn at other formal events, such as other people's weddings, and choose similar jewelry.
Don't worry about making sure your rings match perfectly.

Your wedding and engagement rings are designed to be worn every day, so they should already reflect your personal style, which you will want to adhere to in the rest of your wedding jewelry. However, the decorations don't necessarily have to match perfectly. (For example, having an emerald-cut engagement ring does not mean that you should wear emerald-cut diamond earrings.) Metals also do not necessarily have to be combined with each other. If your engagement ring is platinum, it doesn't mean that you can't bring gold to your wedding look.
Add a little “sentimentality” to your image

Family heirlooms, in the form of jewelry, are a great choice for creating your image. But the last thing you want is for your grandmother's pearl necklace or your beloved mother's bracelets to not match your dress and image. If you know that you want to wear a particular thing, we suggest you take it with you when buying a dress - this way, there is no risk that it will not “fit” into your image.
If you are given a family heirloom on your wedding day (i.e. you don't borrow it), consider working with a jeweler later and remaking it into something more appropriate to your personal style. You can wear it once, or wear it on “special occasions”, or you can wear similar jewelry daily — to relive these wonderful memories.
Give preference to a personal style rather than different trends
Wedding fashion, like all fashion in general, is based on trends, and there is nothing shameful in choosing the ones that you really like. However, don't chase after an image that doesn't suit you, just because it's on all social networks. Trends will come and go, but your wedding photos will stay forever. It is much more important to make decisions based on your personal style and your preferences.
Understand that Mom doesn't always know better
Different generations have different ideas about how clothes and jewelry should look on their wedding day. For your mom, a wedding image may mean that you have to wear a necklace for the bride to the wedding and official events related to the celebration, but these days, large earrings for the bride play a much more important role than a necklace. The neckline is a beautiful area on a woman's body, and you don't have to decorate it even more. If you are going to buy jewelry for the bride just because someone else thinks that you should wear it, this is not the best solution.
Match the necklace to your neckline
If you are going to wear a necklace, then our general recommendation is: choose the necklace that matches the neckline of your dress. A V-neck goes best with a pendant necklace; chokers and chunky necklaces go best with strapless cutouts and a heart-shaped neckline. Regardless of the neckline, the necklace should be placed directly on your skin and should not go into the fabric of the dress.
Don't be afraid to combine different metals and colors
After digging a little on the Internet, you can read that some jewelry metals are combined with certain shades of clothing: platinum and silver with a pure white shade, yellow gold with shades of ivory and champagne; rose gold with pink shades. We, in turn, believe that pink shades are also perfectly combined with beautiful platinum, and natural white shades with natural gold.Silver is also a great choice if you choose a dazzling white dress. The choice of silver jewelry for the bride in It is very large: from silver earrings to spectacular silver necklaces with pendants and chic silver bracelets that will create a charming wedding image. And most importantly, silver jewelry is versatile and practical.

It's worth noting that some metallic tones and colors do “conflict” with each other, but you can put aside the “rules” and trust your eyes to tell you what really looks amazing and what doesn't.
Know that you can always change something in your image
The jewelry that you will wear to your wedding ceremony does not necessarily have to be jewelry that you will wear until the end of the wedding. If the veil does not allow you to wear massive earrings, you can put on the earrings after you take off the veil. If your long-sleeved bolero or coat does not allow you to wear bracelets, put the bracelets on your hands when you take off your outerwear. Although you can also create a completely new look by changing your dress, and changing accessories is a more economical approach that will still make a great impression on your guests.
Ideas for wedding decorations
Still not sure where to start when it comes to choosing wedding decorations? Here are some general ideas that will inspire you and help you in your search.
Jewelry that is currently on trend

Last year, the rules and trends were rewritten. Brides try to make their jewelry more individual, creative and sensual, moving away from traditional options. Instead of just following the fashion and trends in wedding jewelry, which are based solely on aesthetics, you can support local designers, or pay attention to brands that match your values and taste, or you can redo heirloom jewelry.
and now many brides use tiaras and tiaras in their image. This is a cool and fresh approach that allows you to complement your image and make it more delicate and airy.
Classic wedding decorations
There is nothing more classic than diamonds or pearls. Compact pearl bracelets, a tennis bracelet with diamonds are timeless jewelry that will look elegant both now and in 25 years.

You can also experiment with your image and try to wear vintage jewelry for the bride.

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