"Will it be erased?" We tell you about the gold plating


One of the most popular questions you ask us about gold-plated products: "Won't it be erased?" We answer in detail and from the very beginning.
Properties of gilding

So, why gold silver jewelry at all (besides giving them the color of gold)? The fact is that silver reacts very easily with the environment (air, water, even creams and perfumes), as a result of which it oxidizes and darkens. The gold coating protects the products from such unpleasant consequences, so you can wear them and not be afraid that they will lose their shine.
Application technology

The gold coating is applied using the galvanization method. To put it very simply, it looks like this: there is a special bath with water in which two frames are immersed. Our silver jewelry is attached to one, and a bar of gold is attached to the other. By the way, for these purposes we use the highest grade gold – 24 carats. So, the frame with gold is attached to the "plus" terminal, and the silver decoration is attached to the "minus" terminal. Then the generator turns on, and the gold ions pass into water under the influence of current, and then settle on the product.
How long does it last?

So, will this coating be erased or not? Of course, gold plating does not have the chemical and physical properties of gold, and therefore cannot be eternal.  A high-quality electroplated coating lasts for years, and over time the coating is slightly erased at the points of contact, as well as on the protruding parts of the decoration.
Care of gilded jewelry

However, a lot depends on how to take care of the decoration. If you do not remove the gilded jewelry during water treatments or clean it with a hard brush, then it certainly will not live long.
Here are some simple recommendations to make jewelry please you for many years:

    The first and most important rule is to keep all jewelry separately from each other, in bags or cases. Do not allow jewelry to rub against each other.
    If possible, try to avoid mechanical impact, as this leads to deformation of the gold coating and accelerates color loss.
    The appearance of a gold-plated product can also deteriorate if you systematically forget to remove jewelry when using cosmetics, hairspray and perfume: the coating will react with a chemical and stains may appear on the product, which will require repair of the product. Also, do not forget to take off your jewelry when you exercise, do household chores and take a shower.

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